3 Dimensions of Relationships

In the 4th Chapter of the Ethics of our Fathers, the Mishna tells us there are 3 crowns: 1)The crown of Kingship. 2)The crown of Priesthood. 3) The crown of Torah.

Pirkei Avos (Ethics of our Fathers) doesn't just tell us interesting facts about the world or even about the holy nation- the Jewish people. Rather it guides us how to live life from a Torah perspective and it's guidance emanates from a wisdom far higher than our understanding.

What is this Mishna teaching us?

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What should you say and what should you not say? When are you helping and when are you making things worse? This talk, presented to rabbis and educators in Crown Heights, provides guidelines for those who act as “first responders” in advising people on resolving their own marital issues.

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Preparing Bochurim for Marriage

What single men can know about themselves as men now that will prepare them better for marriage in the future. What does it really mean to be a mashpia? What is the spiritual archetype of masculinity? Why do men need to get married in order to serve their G-d-given purpose in life?

This talk was hosted by the Adai Ad Institute, an organization promoting shalom bayis, in Crown Heights and delivered to students from several rabbinic studies programs.

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Love and Respect

An adult’s relationship guide stressing the importance of healthy boundaries, self-respect, and emotional sobriety.

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